Sweet’n’ Smoky Coconut Lentil Soup with Beet Greens

{Sweet'n' Smoky Coconut Lentil Soup with Beet Greens} Is it fall already? We're sure feeling that nip in the air now, and ready for some comforting soups like this one. Put on that apron plus a cozy [...]

Sweet’n’ Smoky Coconut Lentil Soup with Beet Greens2022-09-12T01:42:30+00:00

Citrus + Garlic BBQ Kale

{Citrus + Garlic BBQ Kale} A nutritious superfood, Kale is one of those great garden staples that produces in abundance for us all season long and well into winter. Because of this, it continues showing up in [...]

Citrus + Garlic BBQ Kale2022-08-27T19:37:29+00:00

Zucchini and Kale Lemon Pepper Pasta

{ Zucchini + Kale Lemon Pepper Pasta } Zucchini and kale, two vegetables we always seem to have in abundance on the farm each summer. What better way to consume them though, then as a satisfying [...]

Zucchini and Kale Lemon Pepper Pasta2021-09-10T16:23:44+00:00

Dehydrated Kale Powder

{ Dehydrated Kale Powder } Another great way to preserve that garden goodness through the winter is with dehydrated veggie powders. This kale powder tutorial is a simple way to keep enjoying [...]

Dehydrated Kale Powder2024-04-29T20:23:37+00:00

Kale Everything Seasoning

{ Kale Everything Seasoning } I don't know about you, but we are always looking for new uses for all that kale that produces so abundantly in our garden. And we get [...]

Kale Everything Seasoning2021-07-24T20:23:02+00:00

Veggie Grilled Cheese

{ Veggie Grilled Cheese } When you've got a refrigerator (or garden) full of greens and you're in the mood for a satisfying lunch that goes beyond just a salad... we've got just the thing for [...]

Veggie Grilled Cheese2021-07-09T17:06:04+00:00

Pesto Pasta Sauce

{ Pesto Pasta Sauce } An easy weeknight meal or side, we cook up this dish often with our garden leafy greens. Beginning with this kale pesto recipe adding just a couple more steps yields an [...]

Pesto Pasta Sauce2021-07-03T16:32:29+00:00

Kale Pesto

{ Kale Pesto } I don't know about you, but over here, once the kale begins producing in the garden-- it doesn't stop all season! We really do love the tasty super veg, but we are [...]

Kale Pesto2021-07-16T22:41:09+00:00

Kale + Swiss Chard Breakfast Pizza

{ Kale + Swiss Chard Breakfast Pizza } I don't know if I can think of a more satisfying breakfast this morning as I look at upon this delicious pizza. It's just so darn appetizing. Topped with [...]

Kale + Swiss Chard Breakfast Pizza2020-12-27T19:16:52+00:00

Lemony Kale Salad

Lemony Kale Salad This quick and tasty salad makes a regular appearance at our summer supper table-- so crisp, fresh, and delicious! Kale is known for being a superfood (iron, calcium and fibre rich and packed with [...]

Lemony Kale Salad2020-12-27T19:51:00+00:00
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