Hey! nice to meet you.

I’m Andrea– farmgirl, food lover, artist, creative, and momma of 5.

A little sophistication and a little wild, I love lashes, dirty jeans, poetry, capturing rural life, and working alongside my farmer hubby on our market garden farm in the wild Alberta prairies.

I write the blog over here (typically at the kitchen table, but sometimes on-the-go, or while squeezing in a visit to a favourite coffee shop). Creative director is one of my many hats here on the farm (see FB and IG for more snippets of that), and being momma to our 5 takes up another huge piece of my world. You’ll likely see reflections of both those things in this space.

When I’m not busy doing office work, running our daily operations, developing new projects, or driving kiddos around, you’ll find me at home in the kitchen cooking/baking up something fresh for the crew, tinkering with some new creative endeavor in the studio, or hidden away writing.

For rest, I like to curl up with a foamy latte and a blanket on our deck, sinking in deep with my journal, and just taking in the view.

My hope is that you find inspiration, connection, and encouragement here while inviting you into bits of our life here at Grey Arrow Farm.

Andrea and Denis at Grey Arrow Farm.

View Andrea’s artist works here:

About the Blog

So glad you stopped by!

This space was created as a hub to share with you farm fresh recipes, glimpses of how we do family life, creative inspiration, and bits of wisdom we have learned so far in our journey doing life, family, and business.

Why the name?

“Here in the Midst” reflects on life as a journey. Each of us travelling along it– ever learning, growing, developing, adapting– cradling our hopes and dreams with us, wading through ups and downs, facing triumphs and struggles, joys and pain, beginnings and ends, clarity and uncertainty, successes and failures… the full gamut. And in the middle of all of it, here we are. Present. Continually showing up and doing our best, whatever that looks like.

So here’s to embracing life’s journey, and being here in the midst of it.

Meet the Family

We are Denis and Andrea, joined by our fantastic five (2 through adoption and 3 biologically). Together we do life here at Grey Arrow Farm.

We moved to the farm in 2016 with heads full of adventure, hearts full of excitement, and bodies eager to run, work hard, and play all over this 35 acre stretch of paradise. For a former city girl, country living has been soul filling and those prairie sunsets never cease to catch my breath.

Denis is a born-and-raised farm boy, and getting his hands back in the dirt was a homecoming for him. Teaching our kiddos and sharing our passions with them has been one of our many highlights here.

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