Making it work, and finding joy and inspiration in the middle of it all.

Marriage + Biz Partners: Making It Work

{ Marriage + Biz Partners: Making It Work } What is it like to do daily life and run a company with your spouse? Hmm, well it basically involves tag-teaming 24/7. Operating a business full time as well as doing marriage and parenting together is an undertaking for sure-- and not without its bumps in the road either. Believe me, we have our moments just like any couple (or biz partners for that matter!). We have found ourselves a rhythm though and really do enjoy doing everything side by side every single day. How do we actually make it work? Well, any truly successful partnership (business or otherwise) [...]

Hey, nice to meet you!

I’m Andrea– farmgirl, artist, food lover, entrepreneur, and momma of 5.

A little sophistication and a little wild, I love lashes and dirty jeans, creativity, capturing rural life, and working alongside my farmer hubby on our market garden farm here in the central Alberta prairies…  learn more >>

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“The sunrise of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it.” – Gene Amole

Life on the Farm

Finding Beauty on the Range Road

Finding Beauty on the Range Road I had my breath stolen by the sky last night-- driving home into the sunset after dropoff. My heart swelled with awe as I took it in and all I could think was, God lives here. You know, as life passes by all around us, we can see it for the mundane (endless gravel roads, with only flat brown prairie far as the eye can see...)-- or we can see it for [...]

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Black Apple Doll- FREE Pattern

Black Apple Doll This little doll has been a favoured sewing project of mine since my oldest was a toddler. Simple and straightforward, she uses up whatever fabric scraps you have lying around, and maybe a couple of [...]

31 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas

31 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas Looking for some fresh birthday party ideas? After 14 years of parenting my creativity has been tapped out, so we put it out to our Instagram public and they came through with all [...]

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