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How to Store Garden Vegetables Over Winter

{How to Store Garden Vegetables Over Winter} Every year we are asked by people growing their own food, "How do I store my garden harvest through the winter so I can feed my family?" There are a number of items here on the farm that we store (and sell) throughout the winter and well into spring-- long after the snow has come and put an end to the garden itself. Our storage vegetables typically feed our family all the way through to March and even April. Depending on the varieties of fall crops you grow and what space you have available for storing them-- you can do [...]

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I’m Andrea– farmgirl, artist, food lover, entrepreneur, and momma of 5.

A little sophistication and a little wild, I love lashes and dirty jeans, creativity, capturing rural life, and working alongside my farmer hubby on our market garden farm here in the central Alberta prairies…  learn more >>

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Homemade Dilly Beans

{Homemade Dilly Beans} One of our favourite preserves from the garden are Dilly Beans. Every [...]


“The sunrise of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it.” – Gene Amole

Life on the Farm

Finding Beauty on the Range Road

Finding Beauty on the Range Road I had my breath stolen by the sky last night-- driving home into the sunset after dropoff. My heart swelled with awe as I took it in and all I could think was, God lives here. You know, as life passes by all around us, we can see it for the mundane (endless gravel roads, with only flat brown prairie far as the eye can see...)-- or we can see it for [...]

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DIY Sew Doorstop

{ DIY Sew Doorstop } I don't know about you, but now that spring is here we are opening all of our windows and inviting that fresh air breeze to blow through the home. It brings in such a refreshing [...]

COVID19 Family Driving Bingo

{ COVID19 Family Driving Bingo } We did a thing together the other night and it was fun! We thought we would share it. What with the craziness of this COVID19 global pandemic keeping us all [...]

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