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DIY Easy Kid’s Easel

{DIY Easy Kid's Easel} This was a quick little project that I've been wanting to do for the kids ever since the snow melted. We've barely entered spring here (not even any green out there yet!) but that sunshine calls to us nonetheless, and we are eager for new ways to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors again after a long, cozy winter. Ever since I took up painting again (after a long decade away raising farm and kids), the kids have been asking to do it too. This momma won’t let them paint with any hardcore paints in the house— but outside, that’s [...]

Hey, nice to meet you!

I’m Andrea– farmgirl, food lover, artist, creative, and momma of 5.

A little sophistication and a little wild, I love lashes, dirty jeans, poetry, capturing rural life, and working alongside my farmer hubby on our market garden farm in the wild Alberta prairies…

Spotlight // latest recipes

Pumpkin Pancakes

{ Pumpkin Pancakes } Imagine waking up to the delicious fall smell of these breakfast [...]

“The sunrise of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it.” – Gene Amole

 Life on the Farm

Our Favourite Gardening Tools

{Our Favourite Gardening Tools} What are our favourite tools here on the farm? The ones we wouldn’t want to garden without? We get asked this question all the time and are happy to share our answers with you here. Even better though, we went one step further and asked a number of our local farmer friends their answers as well, to give you even more feedback and recommended items below! Gardening can be a rewarding AND [...]

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DIY Yarn Extensions

{DIY Rope Braids with Yarn} One of the ways we like to do Faith's hair is with yarn extensions. Weaving in strands of acrylic yarn adds some length and colour for something different a couple times a [...]

Balancing Farm, Family + Pursuits

{Balancing Farm, Family + Pursuits} Balancing farm, family, and personal pursuits is a puzzle at times. Trying to get all these separate and individual pieces fitting together in just the right way so they form a [...]

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