New Things!

Well, here we are! Diving into the blogosphere.

You know, when we began Grey Arrow Farm I had no intention of starting up a blog. Life with five kiddos, household, running a business, farming, family, and trying to squeeze in space for creativity, leaves me with little time for something invested like blogging. For the past two years, I’ve been more than content to just share all of our recipes, inspiration, tips, and family life via simple sound bites and sweet pics over social media (see @greyarrowfarm on FB and Instagram), but I guess the universe had other plans.

After enthusiastic requests from farm customers these past couple years, and the thoughtful urging of friends (as well as our youngest heading off to grade one now affording me a little more time in my days), I am excited to be here and to share all kinds of goodness with you! So buckle your boots and ready yourselves for all things creative, delicious, inspiring, authentic, and connective from the heart of our little farm and family here in the Canadian prairies.