{ COVID19 Family Driving Bingo }

We did a thing together the other night, and it was fun! We thought we would share it. With the craziness of this COVID-19 global pandemic keeping us all socially distanced and cooped up right now, we’ve been looking for new ways to keep our spirits up and keep the kids entertained.  I don’t know about you, but as cozy and bonding as it is to be hanging out at home 24/7 together, we are sometimes going a little stir-crazy. So for a change of pace– to get out and do something different together– Denis and I whipped up this game of Family Driving Bingo and headed into town with all the kids after dinner last night for a bit of family fun (followed by drive-thru ice cream sundaes– yesss!).  It was great, so we’ve attached our printable PDF below in case you want to give it a whirl with your kiddos too!

How does it work? Each child gets their own BINGO sheet and a marker, and whenever they see something on the list they get to cross off that square (and we made it a rule that they have to see it for themselves to be able to cross it off– they can’t just cross it off because one of their siblings shouts it out). The first one to complete a full line of five squares (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) shouts out BINGO!

We continued driving around slowly until the kids had filled (or mostly filled) their entire sheets, shouts of “BINGO!” were intermittent with excited cheers of someone spotting something new. It was a lot of fun! We all had a blast. And capping off the evening with a treat together just made it that much of a family outing, even though we did it all from inside our vehicle. Give it a try!

Click link below:

Family Driving BINGO sheet– Printable PDF