{ DIY Sew Doorstop }

I don’t know about you, but now that spring is here we are opening all of our windows and inviting that fresh air breeze to blow through the home. It brings in such a refreshing smell and feel! However, sometimes a sharp gust will unexpectedly pick up and loudly slam shut the doors, so these simple, homemade doorstops are just the ticket to keeping that fresh air flowing (and protecting the peace and doorframes around here).

Supplies needed:

  • 16″x10″ (40cm x25cm) sturdy fabric (such as denim, canvas, or corduroy)
  • thread
  • 5″ length of wide ribbon
  • 7 cups dry rice or beans


  1. Cut fabric into dimensions pictured below. (I have two rectangles pictured, but you only need one per doorstop.)
  2. Fold fabric in half. Sew together down the side (1cm seam allowance).
  3. Press seam open as shown. Stitch together across the bottom. 
  4. Pinch fabric corner together as shown in figure 4.
  5. Sew across the corner 1.5″ from the outer tip. 
  6. Repeat on other side.
  7. Turn inside out.
  8. Using iron, press top edge inside 0.5″
  9. Fill with dry rice or beans roughly two-thirds full. (I use the full 7 cups in each of mine).
  10. Fold your 5″ length of ribbon in half and pin it in, matching both sides together. Pin together the entire way across the top. Sew across. (This may takes a little finesse, as the bag is heavy and full at this point, but it is doable).

That’s it! Simple right? 

We have these at every bedroom door of our house now, and they work wonderfully! Give it a try– odds are you already have the supplies kicking around your house, these don’t require much. Enjoy!