Leek + Mushroom Tart

{ Leek + Mushroom Tart } Among all those late summer vegetables, leeks rank as one of my favourites. Their sweet and fragrant onion-like flavour adds so much deliciousness to all the comfort foods like soups, stuffings, [...]

Leek + Mushroom Tart2023-08-28T15:43:21+00:00

Maple Whisky Onion Jam

{Maple Whisky Onion Jam} This recipe is inspired by Awn Kitchen’s delicious breakfast sandwich made with a farm egg, sausage patty and of course homemade onion jam. Easy-to-make with a just a little time, this condiment is super [...]

Maple Whisky Onion Jam2022-11-11T20:43:58+00:00
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