DIY Rope Braids with Yarn

{DIY Rope Braids with Yarn} One of the ways we like to do Faith's hair is with yarn extensions. We have fun adding length and colour for something different (and lower maintenance) a couple times a year, [...]

DIY Rope Braids with Yarn2020-11-30T02:01:16+00:00

A Family Trip to Banff

{Family Trip to Banff} What a crazy season 2020 has been! Wading through this pandemic, with its restrictions, challenges and protective measures-- we are thankful to have seen this farm season through. Now it's time for a [...]

A Family Trip to Banff2020-11-26T17:39:50+00:00

A Day in Our Life on the Farm

{ A Day In Our Life on the Farm } Just a little glimpse of how we juggle life with farm, and family. A number of you have asked about this, so here we go with a [...]

A Day in Our Life on the Farm2020-08-27T20:53:19+00:00

COVID19 Family Driving Bingo

{ COVID19 Family Driving Bingo } We did a thing together the other night and it was fun! We thought we would share it. What with the craziness of this COVID19 global pandemic keeping us all [...]

COVID19 Family Driving Bingo2020-03-29T03:30:15+00:00

31 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas

31 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas Looking for some fresh birthday party ideas? After 14 years of parenting my creativity has been tapped out, so we put it out to our Instagram public and they came through with all [...]

31 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas2019-04-08T21:54:11+00:00

Making Birthdays Extra Special

Making Birthdays Extra Special It’s birthday season in this house! (For real, we have an actual birthday season over here: 5 birthdays over the course of 3 weeks, equaling non-stop planning, baking, decorating, wrapping, inviting, and party food [...]

Making Birthdays Extra Special2019-04-09T09:37:22+00:00
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