{A Solo Getaway in Rural Alberta}

When the hubby says, “Why don’t you take a couple days for yourself this weekend and I’ll hold down the fort here”– you jump at it! Less than 24 hours to plan for this spontaneous little road trip (solo vacay!), but with the help of Google and an hour of web-surfing, I found myself a sweet place that fit the bill for me. It was perfect– quiet, rural, peaceful, out of the way (though not terribly far), with all my creature comforts.

Goodbye kids! See ya later farm! Mama is off to have a couple days of ‘me time’ heading south.

I can’t tell you how freeing it is to just pack up and hit the road on your own, with no to-do list, nowhere to be, no one to take care of (but me), and no particular plan to follow. Just a destination ahead, a good book, sketchpad, and a favourite sweater. If you haven’t done it yet– do it! This two night stay away was exactly the refreshment I needed in the middle of our busy season.

Enter Rosebud Country Inn… a lovely little oasis in the middle of the vacant, rolling prairies.  On the way there it seems as though you are driving nowhere, until you round a bend and happen upon the charming, creative hamlet of Rosebud, AB. This sweet little burg boasts only a handful of houses and historic-looking buildings which include an old mercantile, a professional theatre (Rosebud School of the Arts), a few gift shops and galleries, a bed and breakfast, and a delicious pie shoppe.

The Inn was a welcoming retreat. I was warmly greeted by the owner and hostess, Betty Jane, who served me up a slice of warm, homemade pie (fresh from the pie shoppe) and hot beverage to my room upon arrival. The rooms were bright, furnished with quality comforts, local Canadian art, personable hospitality, with hot homemade breakfast served each morning, making it a warm and wonderful stay.

This was just the kind of place I needed to rest and catch up with myself. My usual morning coffee ritual with Denis out on our back deck, switched to a ‘room-delivered morning tea’ curled up on a comfy adirondack chair outside (via personal deck access) overlooking the incredible valley below just as the rising sun peeked up over the hills at me…

Beautiful. Soul-filling.

Being such a quiet, out-of-the-way place, there are no real ammenities in Rosebud. However, it sits only half an hour outside of Drumheller (dinosaur capital of the world!) which has everything you need, as well as many fascinating sights and pastimes if you find yourself getting the itch to do something more.

My mission for the weekend was just to rest, reflect, be cozy, take in the beauty, dabble more in my artistic side again (the side of me I find the hardest to make time for– see @andreakristinwild for the new creative page!), and enjoy my surroundings. So I didn’t venture far. But I did make a stop at nearby Horshoe Canyon (only 15 minutes from the Inn) which offers an incredible view of the Canadian Badlands, and next time I would make sure to bring proper footwear and do the day-hike down through the canyon, instead of just viewing it from above. Either way though– a stop well worth it.

Would I do this mini solo vacay again? One hundred percent I would. It was amazing what two simple days away did for me– unplugged from my everyday life and people, transported into new surroundings, with no obligations, beauty to take in, and nothing but free time. Good for the soul, let me tell you. I will be making a point to do more of this. Denis too.

Highly recommended.