{ A Day In Our Life on the Farm }

Just a little glimpse of how we juggle life with farm, and family. A number of you have asked about this, so here we go with a snapshot into our world! Let me say first that we definitely operate in seasons here on the farm. The most simplified version boils everything down into two seasons: “Farm Season” (Spring/Summer/Fall– our busy time) and “Off Season” (Winter– recuperation and planning time).

Our Daily Routine:


Denis gets up (which wakes me up). We both retreat to our own spaces in the home or outside and meditate, talk to God, journal– basically, have our own focused personal time. This plugs us in and helps us each start the day off from a good space.

>> We haven’t both always done this, but over the last few years it’s become a diligent personal practice we’ve each taken to. The benefits have been incredible! Highly recommended.


I meet him for morning coffee (or tea) on the outside deck. He brews. Rain or shine, as long as the temps stay above 0° we continue this daily connect time outside. On cold days we just pile on the sweaters and blankets!

>> There is something soul-filling about watching the daily sunrise outdoors, listening to the sound of the birds in the trees, and feeling the elements, as you talk about life while sipping on a warm beverage. Highly recommend also!


The kids, who have been waking up one-by-one for the past hour, are now getting themselves breakfast.

8:30 am

The kids do their morning chores: Get themselves ready for the day (make beds, tidy bedrooms, brush teeth)– plus, a daily household chore (we have a weekly chore chart, and they all contribute to keeping our home clean– be it vacuuming, washing windows, emptying/loading dishwasher, dusting, etc.). It doesn’t take them long, and it helps keep everything much nicer around here.


Denis takes the kids out to work with him in the garden.

>> We’ve found the kids like having this regular work time rather than joining us sporadically. They seem to prefer the routine of it (and so do we), while working to get paid (they are all saving up for things!). Sometimes they drag their feet, but overall this system has worked out awesome all the way around!


I wrap up tidying the house, and get to work on my phone and laptop (responding to emails, social media, writing newsletters, photo editing, etc.)  Mornings and early afternoon are my office time, and it always seems to fly by.

The administrative and creative stuff is my department on the farm, so while Denis has his hands daily in the dirt– I have mine daily at the computer (or camera!).

>> When there are appointments, kid’s activities, or errands to run in town, I usually bring my office work along with me and accomplish it at a local coffee shop in between. Fit it in however I can!


The kids finish up working and come in for morning snack. Then they run off and play the rest of the day!

Judah (our oldest), who asked to be hired on as full-time employee this year, will stay out to work with Dad for longer.

I keep plugging away at my computer.


The guys come in for lunch break. I usually break from my work too and come eat with them. I catch Denis up on what’s going on with customers, partnerships, and online. He catches me up on what’s going on in the fields.

The kids wander in as they get hungry and make themselves a sandwich. (If I’m lucky, they remember to tidy up the kitchen after…).


Denis heads back out to the garden or to the shop (on CSA days, this would be bin packing time).

I get back to working on my own stuff for the afternoon, as well as being more available to the kids– things like housework, laundry, creative projects, errands, or more computer work (on CSA days, I’m busy photographing veggies at this time).

The kids go back to playing, mostly outside (some like to help Dad with the bin packing).


Afternoon snack! By this point, one of the kids would have called dibs on baking something for everyone (usually fresh cookies, cake, or a square). They love going through my cookbooks and getting creative in the kitchen.


I head out on veggie dropoffs or CSA delivery at this time– sometimes with Denis, sometimes bringing one of the kids along.

On days when I don’t have to go anywhere, I’m starting to think about supper and what I want to bring in from the garden for us all to enjoy.

>> At times I will invite one of the kids to join me and learn, so they can cook it on their own in the future.


Denis comes in for a break.


Supper time. Either Asher or I will make it, depending on the day.

>> Asher loves to cook, and has taken on the responsibility of part-time farm cook here (one of his paid farm jobs) on evenings of the week when Denis and I are busy with dropoffs or Garden Time. He plans his menus ahead so I can ensure to have the ingredients on-hand. Then he cooks, serves it, and does kitchen cleanup– and does a bang-up job!

6-9 pm

Garden Time with our members!

>> A few of evenings a week, we host CSA members coming to help out and get the real farm experience. We do a brief farm tour with them, then harvest and wash veggies together for next day’s delivery. We get a lot done in these 3 concentrated hours.

Meanwhile, the kids wind down watching a movie, then tuck into bed.  Everything in the house settles to a wonderful peace and calm, while the work continues on outside.


Denis and I clock out.

The two of us usually wind down cozied up with a blanket, watching a show together, and enjoying a hot tea before tucking in for the night. We catch our breath, relax, and recap the day before hitting the bricks.

Farm season is a busy time of year for us, and we do have our times of exhaustion in it. As much as we can, we try to embrace the moments of joy and beauty that filter into our life here on the farm. It gives us a little reboot when we need it.

Backyard view at the farm.

We also make a point to slow down on the weekends, and to carve out intentional time in the mix of it all to keep connected with ourselves, each other, and the kids. ‘Family before farm’ is one of our personal values, and we strive as best we can to keep a grasp on that as we pursue our passions! #teachthemwhatyouknow

We are always evolving over here, but hopefully this gives you a picture of how life rolls for us doing life, farm and family– some of the ways we found to make it work for us!

One last thing,

When the kids were younger, we certainly couldn’t accomplish all that we do now without help. Those toddler years can be exhausting in their own right, requiring a lot of energy, time, and investment as parents. As the kids have grown older and more independent (they are currently aged 7 to 15 years old), it’s become far easier for us to pursue our endeavours and just invite them alongside us into it.