3 Key Marketing Strategies

(That Small Businesses Often Forget)

Do you have a product or service you are working to sell? Or maybe you are wanting more people to take an interest in your biz, and you’re not sure what next steps to take next. Well, when it comes to sales I notice time and time again that many small businesses skip right over the essentials of marketing and jump straight to the more complex forms of appealing to people. But marketing doesn’t need to get fancy or complicated to win over new customers. In fact, sometimes we just need to start back at the basics and build from there.  

At its core, good marketing continually answers these three simple questions:


Let’s go into this in a little further and see what it looks like…

Question #1

WHAT— are you selling?

Have you experienced this frustration ever? I know I sure have. Time and time again I happen across a new biz page that intrigues me. I’m drawn in, and I love what the seller has got visually going on, but I can’t for the life of me figure out WHAT they are actually selling! So even if I completely adore their content, and the message they represent, they ultimately won’t make a sale from me if I don’t know what they are offering. This WHAT message needs to be clear. It should be apparent from the moment a person lands on your social media or web page what specific goodness you are offering to the world. Include a simple description of what you sell in your bio, say it throughout your posts, have it stated at the top of your website. The message of what you bring to the table to sell needs to be clear, concise and apparent at all times to visitors and returnees.

Question #2

WHY— do people want/need it?

This message is the second imperative step that so many small businesses skip over. Maybe you are already clear as to WHAT you are selling, but if you don’t let people know WHY it’s so great— why they might want it for themselves— then your marketing will fall disastrously short. For example, if it’s a food product you are selling, then explain about the health benefits, talk about it’s unique elements or flavours, offer ideas and recipes for new ways to use it— continue to give people a reason to buy it. Or perhaps what you sell is handmade home decor items, then maybe the why buy is depicted via images showing ways to display it, inspiration around how it was made, the materials used and interesting aspects of it, or perhaps by sharing annecdotes of how it can bring joy or maybe fits a certain lifestyle. Same story with selling services— continually look for new ways to share about the various factors of what makes the thing you do awesome and applicable to somebody else. The thing is, YOU may already see the incredible value of what you are selling (which is why you are putting it out there in the first place), but others may not yet. You will have to tell them about it. Highlighting the WHY in your messaging (in your social media posts, when you talk about it, and on your website), encourages potential customers to begin to see what you see— how amazing your product or service really is!    

Question #3

WHERE— can they get it?

This is the clincher— that final and pivotal key to turning a sale. For if a customer sees WHAT you sell and is compelled by the WHY to purchase it from you, but can’t figure out where to go to actually complete the sale, then the whole thing ends in major frustration (for both them and you) and they end up walking away. (This has happened more than once with me on someone else’s social media or website when I’m finally ready to make a purchase, and can’t easily see how to.). It’s such a shame! You don’t want to make that mistake. Make buying simple and easy for potential customers. Have the links to your shop or website clear and prominent on your social media pages. Walk visitors through the process in your posts or emails (ex. Using phrases like ‘click link in profile to purchase’ or ‘come down to the shop from 9-5 today’; using active links and ‘buy now’ buttons on your website pages to quickly and easily direct people to make their purchase.)

The truth of the matter is, that in today’s digital world people won’t waste their time fiddling around and trying to figure out how to obtain something. If it isn’t easy and direct, they’ll lose interest fast and click away instead. So you as the biz owner have to do that work for them and make it as simple, clear, inviting, and as streamlined a process as possible.



WHAT great thing you are selling? 

WHY they would want it/need it? 

WHERE they can go to get it right now for themselves?

And with those basic building blocks now in your brain,

The NEXT key step of successful marketing is to: