{ Black Apple Doll }

This little doll has been a favoured sewing project of mine since my oldest was a toddler. Simple and straightforward, she uses up whatever fabric scraps you have lying around, and maybe a couple of buttons or a little ribbon if you fancy adding them. I came across this FREE PATTERN for her from Martha Stewart back in the day, and have since made many variations for the little girls in my life.

These particular lovelies are the three I made for my own daughter, with beautiful brown skin just like hers. They are soft, plush, and loveable, and just so darn sweet! The faces are painted on with craft paint once she’s been all put together. Over the years I’ve added variations to her hair (adding buns or pigtails), changing skin colour or hair colour, usually to match the recipients. It’s a fun little day project, and I’m happy to share it here with you!

Black Apple Doll:


I hope you enjoy this well-loved favourite project of ours. Tag us in your pics when you finish (@greyarrowfarm), I’d love to see them!

Happy sewing!