Homemade Sourdough + Grilled Cheese

Okay three words for you: Fresh. Baked. Bread. Am I right?
Homemade sourdough has become a staple over here for all of us, we’ve been making a new batch almost every other day! (Just can’t get enough!!) I honestly feel so spoiled each time I butter up a warm slice to eat with a hot bowl of soup or comforting veggie stew (we are still swimming in our winter storage veggies making all kinds of cold weather goodness!). Good, fresh food truly does make you feel wealthy. It just satisfies.

The simpleness of the ingredients in this loaf always astounds me:
Organic FLOUR + WATER.  And a touch of salt. That’s it!
It’s the fermenting, building, rising, and baking process that makes it what it is. Amazing.

The kids are getting right in there with a passion for it too and I love that. Good food is so connective and enriching. I hope they will always carry an appreciation and gratitude for it.

For years I had a number of failed attempts and botched efforts at making sourdough, and it wasn’t until I recently took a sourdough class (with The Ruby Apron here in Edmonton– #worthit) that I finally got my feet under me. I’m so glad I did! (I really can’t stress it enough that if you’re struggling with something, go and learn from someone who knows!) I came home from the class with a healthy starter (which I hope to keep alive now for years and years to come) along with everything else I needed to make my bread baking a delicious success! My favourite investment? The Lodge cast iron combo cooker, which serves as the perfect tool for baking a proper loaf in a conventional oven– deliciously crusty on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside. Mmmm.

How have we been enjoying it? Well, besides warm and fresh-sliced alongside EVERYTHING, it makes for delicious grilled cheese combos. For instance,

  • Fig Jam, Brie + Arugula
  • Pulled Pork + Provolone
  • Tuna, Cheddar + Pea Shoots (pictured)

You have really just gotta try yourself some– it’s true that homemade loaf tastes nothing like what you would buy at the store. However, if you are not equipped to make that right now, or don’t have the time, then at least put a couple slices of something together to make one of these grilled cheese combos. They are downright delicious!